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NOVO Gazette Disclaimer

Due to the legal obligations concerning the collection, use and storage of personal data, the operators of (subsequently referred to as ‘we’) have disclosed our data policy concerning our legal responsibilities and the privacy of the personal data of users (subsequently referred to as ‘the reader’) who visit (subsequently referred to as ‘the website’) in order to access its published content using web browsers on electronic devices (including computers, tablets and smartphones).

Personal data description:

Any information that suitably reflects the personal, occupational and familial characteristics of an individual, distinguishes the individual from others, reveals their qualifications, and/or identifies the individual is called personal data.

The website and your personal data:

In no capacity do we collect any sort of personal data from our readers.

The website and other social media platforms:

Our website features buttons that allow access to other social media networks and platforms. While readers are on any of our news pages, they are able to share that news story on these social media platforms using the relevant share buttons. The saving of any kind of personal data on these platforms is the responsibility of the platform in question, and we have nothing to do with the communication, consent, or any other detail shared between the reader and the platform. We use the statistical data collected on these platforms (the permission of which is granted by their registered users). However, in no way do we have the ability to access personal data beyond the borders of these platforms.

The website and Google Analytics:

For our website traffic’s statistical analyses and reports, we use the services of Google Analytics. The Google devices we use (javascript) do not collect any kind of personal data (including IP addresses) from our readers.

The website and cookies:

The only cookies used when readers visit the website are those belonging to Google Analytics and Taboola. These firms use these cookies within the capacity of the services they provide. However, it is not possible for us to collect or access personal data by way of these cookies. If the reader wishes, they may disable cookies in the settings of their browser. This does not prevent the reader from accessing the website.

Policy updates:

In the event that there are any changes made to our policies, we will inform readers via this page.


For the purpose of communication and for any questions readers may have, they should direct queries to the email address below:
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